Thursday, January 8, 2009

Social media isn't just for those young kids

I came across this post from Jason Baer and I had to laugh because it is so true. The post happens to be a pretty good discussion about why it's important for everybody in an organization to adopt social media techniques, not just the young kids.

As he says:

"I’ve worked with some amazing interns, but interns don’t transform brands. It’s not that they don’t have the smarts. It’s not even that they lack experience. It’s that they don’t have the ear of senior members of the client team."


  1. This is sooooo true. How can those of us who use social media regularly get some of our folks who don't get/use social media more familiar? Should each of us "adopt" one of them?

  2. I think adopting one of them is a good idea, but I think getting them over the sheer size of social media is our first step. The general feeling seems to be that it is impossible to keep up with EVERYTHING so i'll keep up with nothing. When in reality they should be focusing on whichever tool makes the most sense for them, and in turn our clients. You dont have to adopt every new technology, just the ones that make strategic sense.

  3. Thanks for the link Chuck. If you find that amazing intern that's the exception to the rule, please let me know!