Friday, January 23, 2009

Scoble Blindness

This is an old post on MarketingProfs but definitely one for us to consider thinking about if we are adopting Twitter as a tactic for our clients. Scoble Blindness is the strongly held belief that everyone using social media is supremely interested in what Robert Scoble and others like him have to say. The argument here being that what Robert Scoble, and "influencers" like him, have to say is of very little interest to the average Twitter user. While I think that's probably true, seeing how Scoble, and others like him, use Twitter can be helpful for the non-hi-tech among us.

One other point worth raising that doesn't seem to make sense to me.:

"Twitter as an asynchronous IM device to (a) keep up with their real-life friends (b) follow the ramblings of a celebrity tweeter like Shaquille O’Neal or Britney Spears-- people with whom they have zero expectations of reciprocity and (c) get updates from broadcast-only news feeds like the New York Times or the BBC."

Perhaps that's true for the high school or college student, but I think where the article misses the point is that the real growth in Twitter users is coming from professionals, like us, hearing about the technology and then adopting it to ultimately use for some professional purpose.

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